Cheapest Place To Buy Electrical Wire

Where is the cheapest place to buy electrical wire?

Where is the cheapest place to buy electrical wire?

-The cheapest place to buy electrical wire article 2021 - 

Buying building supplies never seems cheap. 

No matter what product we are looking for it always seems like the price keeps creeping up and up, where a product we used to buy is now double the price that we used to pay. 

There is so much variety and so many outlets selling products nowadays it's not always easy to keep up with where to get our required products for the best price. When it comes to an electrical wire that is exactly the same case. 

As a manufacturer's representative sales agency we sell electrical wire to many different types of businesses from big box stores to wholesale suppliers to specialty utility construction companies so we have a pretty good idea on where to send you to get the best price on what you need. 

So where is the cheapest place to buy electrical wire? 

The cheapest place to buy electrical wire depends on many different factors 

What Type of Wire do you need?

There are thousands of different types of electrical wire, and to get the cheapest price you will need to know the type of wire you need including quite a few specs to make sure you are buying the right product.  

The common questions you will need to be answered are:

  1. What is the Voltage required?
  2. What wire size do you need? Is it an American AWG size or a Metric MM2?
  3. Do you need a Copper or Aluminum conductor, or something specialized?
  4. Is the wire shielded or non-shielded? If Shielded what type of shield is required? 
  5. What type of jacket or sheath is needed, and what temperature rating does it need?
A major reason for companies like ours is being able to navigate the many different types of electrical wire.

How much wire do you need?

There is a major difference in price if you just need 10 feet vs. buying tens of thousands of feet. This is going to make a difference in where you will buy your wire to get the best pricing. 

Type of Business?

If you are a consumer that is trying to do a personal project at your house or you think your electrical contractor is charging you too much for wire and you think you can buy it better (FYI - You probably can't), depending on the type of wire you need you will be directed to a very different place to buy the cheapest electrical wire than a customer who calls in and requires a truckload of conductor for a utility project. More on this below...

The cheapest place to buy electrical wire if you are a residential consumer doing an at-home project

If you are doing a project and just need a couple hundred or a thousand feet of wire you may be a good fit to buy your electrical wire from a local wholesale supplier, but most likely the cheapest place you are going to get your electrical wire is going to be a big box store such as Home Depot or Lowes. 

Home projects typically are using Romex or common stocked wire and these big box stores often sell these as loss leaders. When we used to represent a large building wire manufacturer I was always shocked to see the big box stores selling Romex so cheap. We always recommend getting at least 3 quotes when buying your electrical wire so you might try a big box store and also give your local wholesale electrical supplier a try as well. 

If it is a wire you need that the big box store doesn't have the wholesale supplier will be able to reach out to a company like ours to get a quote from the manufacturer on a special wire. Our company Unique Sales Agency represents many manufacturers giving us the ability to sell just about every type of electrical wire you can think of. The wholesale supplier may be able to bring in a full roll of the wire you need and make a special cut for you if you just need a few hundred feet. Often when ordered from the factory reels of wire can be 1000 to 5000 feet as standard and that is the way wholesale suppliers are able to buy wire in bulk and re-sell to you at a good price. 

Cheapest place to buy electrical wire for a residential consumer: big-box supplier & possibly a local electrical wholesaler.  (P.S. -- You can do a web search for "local electrical wholesaler near me" to find a list of companies to try) 

The cheapest place to buy electrical wire if you are an electrical construction company or specialty contractor

As an electrical construction business that buys supplies often, you most likely have an account with a local wholesale supply company and buy your electrical wire in bulk for your projects. Depending on what type of wire you are using and what type of project you are doing this might be your best bet. However, you may also be able to buy a little better if you are willing to open up a new account with a specialty wire manufacturer or a large wire & cable distributor. 

With the economy booming in construction it can often pay off for you to get some new options when it comes to your supplies, so long as that company is trusted and has done business with companies like yours in the past. Not all manufactures will sell directly to an electrical construction company or contractor, and in fact, most will not. It has a lot to do with the type of project your company is doing, and what your relationship is with your factory representative if you hope to buy direct from the manufacturer. 

If you are building a utility substation you know that almost every manufacturer sells direct to the utility companies and transit companies so you know you can buy direct. Of the 20 or so companies that we represent at Unique Sales Agency only a handful of them sell directly to construction companies, with most requiring a wholesale supplier or electrical distributor to buy and re-sell to the contractor. 

A lot of that depends on what type of wire you are after as well. If you just need common THHN wire this is a product wholesale supply houses buy in bulk and stock locally. However, if you need a really specialized Tefzel wire or an equal to Belden specialty wire you may be able to save some substantial money doing your diligence and getting quotes from specialty wire manufacturers, or wire & cable distributors. 

Cheapest place to buy electrical wire for an electrical construction company or contractor: Local wholesale supply house, Wire & Cable Distributors, and specialty wire manufacturers. (P.S. --You can contact Unique Sales Agency for a quote from the factory here:  }

The cheapest place to buy electrical wire if you are an OEM or Industrial, or Utility company

If you are an OEM or Industrial company such as an Oil & Gas producer the cheapest place to buy your electrical wire will nearly always be factory direct from a manufacturer that makes the specialty wire & cable that you are commonly using. As an OEM or an industrial company you are not typically using commercial building wire or Romex, but instead, you're using specialty wire that may have multiple types of shielding or require continuous flexing. 

You have robots, machinery, and systems that need a lot more durability and specialization than what is found at a big box store, Amazon, or the typical local wholesale supplier. Sure, all of these companies are great additions to your supply chain, but when it comes to your electrical wire and getting the best price you will want to go factory direct and establish a relationship there to ensure you are saving the most money on your bottom line. 

Much of what we do at our Manufacturers Representative Sales Agency is helping OEMs and Industrials with specialized projects that require specialty wire & cable. 

Cheapest place to buy electrical wire for an OEM, Industrial, or Utility: specialty wire manufacturers. (P.S. --You can contact Unique Sales Agency for a quote from the factory here:  }


Above we have detailed the cheapest place to buy electrical wire depending on what type of business you are in as well as some other factors such as type of wire and total quantity required which will both effect what price you can achieve.   

However, if you are reading this and none of those three options above seem to help you, you may reach out to our company for more information. As a rep firm, we help everyone from electrical contractors, wholesale suppliers, wire & cable distributors, Government agencies, the military, and so much more. 

We appreciate the opportunity to help you save as much money as possible on your bulk wire orders, we make a living selling a large number of products for our manufacturers. As a rep, we don't mark up products or add any additional costs for our customers. We sell factory direct wire & cable at the best price possible. 

The cheapest place to buy electrical wire is most often going to be through contacting Unique Sales Agency and either buying factory direct from some of the best manufacturers in the world or getting directed to the perfect match in a wholesale supplier or wire & cable distributor. Either way, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you and will do our best to ensure you are saving the most money possible on your wire order. 

We look forward to the opportunity to help you save money on your electrical wire orders. 

Unique Sales Agency


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